Friday, 27 May 2016

24 things I've learned in 24 years

Happy birthday to me! I orginally planned to let my 24th birthday slip past me unacknowledged, yet here I am comemorating it with a blog post. As a teenager I thought that by age 24 I'd be in my ultimate dream job, married and a home owner, probably with a dog and a swanky car. Lol.

Fast forward to now and I still don't know whether I'm coming or going most days, life isn't exactly how I thought it would be and inside I still feel like a big kid. I have (I hope) managed to become a little wiser though, so I thought I'd get into the spirit of things and share some of that wisdom with you all.

1. Nobody has their shit together. Nobody. Plenty of adults are very good at acting the part, but the truth is, young or old, we all spend our time trying to figure things out.

2. A small number of close friends is better than 50 acquaintences, especially when you really need someone to be there for you.

3. Speaking of which, the people worth making time for are the ones who stick around no matter what. Don't let people float in and out of your life as they please.

4. Double denim is still horrible.

5. Saving for a house or car is certainly a good idea, but so is seeing the world. No matter your circumstances always try to keep some time and budget free to travel regularly.

6. There's nobody quite like family when you're feeling blue. Keep them close.

7. GCSEs, A Levels, University...all are 1000x easier than real life. If only I had known! If you're still in education, embrace and enjoy it.

8. The number on the scales doesn't matter, muscle weighs more than fat, and afternoon bloat will always ruin any hint of morning abs. Exercise and eat well for your health, not to look like an Instagram model.

9. On that note... squats are your friend. Ditch some of the cardio and pick up those weights as soon as possible.

10. No matter how hard I try, I will never get a perfectly ripe avocado.

11. I don't need the latest overpriced blogger must haves to fit in.

12. Being busy and having a few challenges to overcome is way better than boredom and an easy ride. It's how you learn and grow.

13. Having said that, I should never underestimate my ability to procrastinate when it comes to doing the dishes.

14. Mums know everything and are right 99.99% of the time.

15. Yeah cactuses look cute and insta-chic but those little bastards are prickly when trying to arrange a flatlay.

16. There's nothing like exporing a new town or city with a camera. Never stop wandering.

17. It may not always feel like it but I can actually be pretty strong in a difficult situation.

18. I can also really speak up when I want to. Don't be afraid to take a strong stance on something you really care about.

19. False eyelash application is completely and utterly beyond me.

20. Having been in the same relationship for the last 7 years really doesn't mean you've missed out on much. Unless awkward flirting, Tinder and multiple breakups are your thing.

21. Crop tops will never be my thing. I'm also now wondering if I'm a bit to old for that anyway. Damnit.

22. Pinterest is one of the most useful apps you can have when you're in need of inspiration

23. Facebook, however, isn't. It's more like a cesspit of Britain First posts and cringey American chat show skits. Ditch it wherever possible. Your sanity will thank you.

24. I am completely OK with the fact that I don't have everything figured out yet. There's plenty of time left for that!


  1. I loved his post! I'm turning 21 this year and still haven't got my act together. School and university are definitely a lot easier than real life! X

    Everything But The Kitchen

  2. Great post! isn't it funny that what you imagine your life will be like when you're a particular age is completely different to reality?


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