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Cutting your hair shorter

The last time I got a drastically different haircut was about three years ago. I got a heavy block fringe cut in, found it hard to style and then a few months later also got my long lengths cut to shoulder length. It wasn't a great cut, done at a high street salon by a girl that openly admitted she had a whopping hangover. I hated the blunt finish and my then dyed black colour washed me out and sort of made it look like a wig.

So I did what I tend to do after a bad hair decision and decided to go almost a year without a haircut. It got very long, quite thick and heavy and generally a bit lifeless. After finally deciding to visit my friend Phie's home salon and get it tidied up I began thinking about chopping it all off.

I used Pinterest as inspiration for my lob-style chop, as there are tonnes and tonnes of images on there that helped me describe my ideal cut. It also made me want to go in for a lighter tone as my natural hair is quite dark. We settled on a 'sombre' style for this, which didn't take long at all as it had been so long since I last coloured it. That's definitely something to bare in mind as if you have residue from previous dying still in the hair the finish will be much more orangey. I could've gone a bit lighter but we played it safe to start with.

As someone who has always had a bit of a fear of the hairdresser's chair I can safely say I'm so glad I put my trust in Phie. I'm glad I bit the bullet after wanting to for so long and looking back at older photos like the one above I feel like a totally different person! Although I'll need it cut a bit more often it's so much easier to dry and style. I'd recommend a long bob to just about anyone as it's feminine but very 'put together' and tidy looking even when styled with loose curls.

If you're mulling over getting yours cut, my advice is to find lots of inspiration online and book in with a stylist you can really trust.

Have you had a dramatic restyle recently? Did you cut yours even short than mine? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Well I WOULD cut my hair shorter...but I do not have a lot to begin with :)

    Regardless, I like your hair! It is pretty. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. Love how a long bob looks on you, I'm so tempted to cut mine short again for summer!