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Last night I was invited to try out the brand new branch of Sticks N Sushi in Cambridge. I enjoy Japanese cuisine but tend to stay firmly over on the meaty side as I'm not particularly into fish, so I was interested to see how their menu measured up for someone like me.

Before we get to the food, let me say that a lovely job has been done on the decor - chic and modern, not too dark, not sterile. It was just right for the setting. So much so that I forgot to turn away from my plate and take a decent snap of the room! This is where the restaurants Danish origins really show themselves - Nordic regions really know how to do their interiors.

Our waitress was extremely attentive and explained in detail what everything was as we were unfamiliar with some of the dishes - idea for a fish phobic such as myself! They also had a range of Japanese drinks available, including beer which Mat seemed to enjoy!

Our menu was a preview so although we could request not to have certain items it was then up to the chef what to provide us with. I decided to be brave and only request that we didn't have salmon (yuck!), and we were very impressed with the range available.

After a delicious starter of tempura prawns (known here as Ebi Bites) and edamame we were presented with a few different dishes, some fishy and some not. I plucked up the courage to try the Sashimi dish which was yellow tail tuna, and was pleasantly surprised! My favourite by far though was the bacon-wrapped scallops - again I'd never tried these before but the flavours were just beautiful!

Dessert was also a highlight. We were served a miniature cheesecake and a rhubarb sorbet, which although small really packed in the flavour. I believe you can order these individually or choose a selection (I know which I'd go for!).

A special shout-out should also go to the restaurants feedback forms, which take the form of a story in which you fill in the blanks. It was actually quite a fun activity - a great way to hold the customer's attention and get yourself some reviews!

The full menu at Sticks N Sushi Cambridge is available from today. You can check it out here.

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