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3 makeup looks for girls with dry or sensitive eyes

I've made no secret over the last 6 months of my battle with allergic reactions, blepharitis and dry eye syndrome. With my eyes being extra sensitive, almost always sore and sometimes watery, I rarely if ever am able to tolerate makeup like mascara, and haven't used eyeliner or eye shadow since my symptoms started last year.

Since being diagnosed I've spoken to many women in a similar boat - many of us used to use makeup to make ourselves feel good and found it made us more confident, and now we're left feeling a little naked and kind of defective. 

I've done a lot of research and experimenting with different makeup looks that don't require eye products, and I'm finally adjusting to the fact that I can't follow that popular YouTube tutorial or try the latest mascara. I thought I'd share my findings in the hope that the ladies out there with all manner of eye problems can make themselves feel just as beautiful as they once did.

Barely there

You can still create a refined, natural makeup look that appears 'put together' without the aid of mascara or eyeliner. A dewy base, good highlight, nude lip and meticulously tamed brows could breathe new life into an off-duty look. When I opt for a look like this I also tend to go for wavy, tousled hair as leaving it straight tends to look too harsh.

Strong brows

Since I'm no longer able to make my eyes pop with eye shadow, I've been keeping  my brows in tip top shape and ensuring I always have a pencil or gel to hand for touch-ups. Plenty of models and celebs demonstrate beautifully parred-back looks that retain that strong signature brow to frame the face.

Bold lips

Being unable to withstand eye makeup can be particularly tricky when it comes to getting glammed up for a night out or special occasion. In these instances a good lipstick is definitely your friend. I put the money I would previously have spent on eye shadow palettes and tube after tube of mascaras into experimenting with lip products and have finally found a red that suits me, a nude for everyday wear and a stain for times when it needs to last all day.

Do you suffer with dry or sensitive eyes? How have you adjusted your beauty routine?

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