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The playsuit that actually suits

Ever since playsuits became a thing again I've really struggled to find any that fit me, let alone look nice. I'm of fairly average height at just under 5'7", but have a very long body - queue wedgie central every time I even dared try on any kind of all-in-one!! Even tall clothing ranges seem to neglect those of us that are this shape, so I was really taking a gamble when I ordered this wrap style playsuit from ASOS.

Luckily, I was very pleasantly surprised. Not only does it fit nicely but it's comfortable to wear, not too short and has a flattering wrap-around cut. You could easily dress this up with heels and a blazer for a wedding or party, or down with sandals or plimsolls for a summer holiday look. This weekend I opted to pair it with a leather jacket out to a Sunday Brunch. What do you think? 

At the time of posting there are still almost all sizes available, plus it's also in the sale!!

Jacket: Very old | Playsuit: ASOS | Bag: F+F (no longer online but there are plenty more to choose from!) | Choker: Forever21  | Watch: Olivia Burton | Ring: Pandora | Photos by: Pippa

Worth the wait: dinner at the Old Bicycle Shop in Cambridge

If you've ever lived in or been a frequent visitor to Cambridge, you'll probably remember Howe's bike shop. The family owned shop stood open for 173 years, with rumored customers including Charles Darwin himself. Sadly the business closed a while ago, and with Cambridge becoming more 'shoreditchy' by the day, it was only natural that a twee restaurant, The Old Bicycle Shop, sprang up in its place. I met up with some of the local #CambMeetUp blogger ladies and went to check it out.

Let me start by saying that the owners have done an excellent job preserving the shop's history - there are bike parts and old photos everywhere and the choice of furniture and decor works well to give off a traditional yet strangely modern vibe. Special shout out to the funny quotes about cycling hung in the bathroom!

The Old Bicycle Shop boasts a gorgeous cocktail menu, with a few unusual additions. Lauren's 'Lance's Lemonade' (get it?!) cocktail came with a very suspicious looking pouch of sherbet, which when added to the gin and lemon drink fizzed up. Odd? Yes. Fun? Also yes.

So, let's get to the good stuff and talk about the food. While The Old Bicycle Shop is not necessarily easy on the purse strings compared to some other places in town, the menu is refined and well thought out. From nibbles to veggie dishes to steaks, there's something to please everyone, but we weren't so overwhelmed by choice that it took an age to decide what we wanted.

I went for the 'posh kebab', which featured some mouth-wateringly tasty slow cooked lamb, topped with ginger slaw and saffron aoili. The portion size was huge but little of the food went unappreciated. It was so full of flavour that I all but finished the plate, to my amazement. I also tried some of the chips, which were bloomin' delish.

The only slight downside to our visit was that our food ended up taking so long to arrive that we didn't have time for dessert before catching trains and buses home for the night, which was a shame. I would however ask that you don't let this put you off. The staff were extremely apologetic and even took quite a large sum off our bill to make up for it and threw in some extra drinks. Turns out the delay was due to a large private party arriving very late for their function, leading to an unexpected back-up in the kitchen. 

Despite the above teething issue in what is still a very new local restaurant, I'd gladly head back to eat this all over again, this time with pudding! It seems I'm not the only one, as the place is packed to the rafters every evening with Cambridge residents and visitors enjoying food and cocktails. Next stop, the brunch menu!

Have you visited the Old Bicycle Shop in Cambridge? Want to recommend some other foodie hotspots? Let me know in the comments below!

8 beautiful reading nooks to help you reach peak chill

With recent events around the world weighing on my mind, I can't help but want to switch off a little, turn of the news and pick up a book or two instead. I always associate curling up for a cosy read with dark winter evenings, but the long summer nights mean plenty of extra hours of reading time. As we're in a new flat with more space, I've been in search of inspiration for the perfect little reading nook over on Pinterest. Here are my faves:

This one's pretty simple, because who needs interior fussiness when there's a view like this. Slightly embarrassingly it reminds me of the Cullen house in the Twilight films, but is beautiful nonetheless.

This corner sofa is uber traditional looking, perfect if your home has a period or cottage feel to it. 

Continuing the cosy theme, this colourful attic space is the stuff of boookworm dreams.

The pops of colour in this nook make for an inspirational work space, too.

Or perhaps you prefer a more feminine colour palette? This chair is calling out to me!

Let's take it monochome for a minute here, blankets and all.

This attic space is bright, airy, cosy and comfy all at once!

And last but not least, my personal favourite. The tree trunk shelves remind me of the hobbit houses in the shire!

Where do you like to curl up and read?

All images in this post, and their sources, can be found over on my Interiors Pinterest board. Don't forget to follow for more!