Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Finding inspiration in blogging again

Three years ago the world of blogging and YouTube was an exciting one, with some of our most read and watched names just starting to make it big and a huge marketing buzz around the rise of the influencer meaning it was about to become a lucrative business. Fast forward to now and our universe is an incredibly noisy one. We're naturally all enamored with the idea of making a living through blogging and YouTube, with thousands taking up the hobby with a hope of going viral and becoming recognised for their efforts. I started blogging in 2013, just on the pinnacle of the movement, but so much has changed since then.

The thing is, when everyone's trying to achieve the same end result, it can be difficult to produce original content and stand out from the masses. It can also feel like that elite group of huge bloggers have a bit of a monopoly on readership and engagement. I won't lie, I've asked myself many times what the real point is now that almost everybody is doing it. Is this really just a hobby for me or a greater passion? What do I want this blog to become in a year? In two? Beyond?

Over the last few weeks I've seen a number of high profile bloggers expressing their concern at how flooded the world of blogging has become. My snapchat has been filled with some of my favourite bloggers saying that they just aren't sure where to take their enterprises now that the smaller bloggers out there have your basic content like reviews and daily vlogs covered.

They say that comparison is the enemy of success, and I've resolved to make this my philosophy. As a relatively small blogger I have in the past found myself feeling quite bitterly envious of those more successful than me - not helpful or productive in the slightest!

Instead of letting negativity and self doubt creep in, I'm now looking at blogging in a whole new light. Gone are the days of posting because I feel like I have to, reviewing any old thing and taking any sponsored post that comes my way. I'm pledging to create in the best way I can and to strive every day to provide you guys with interesting subject matter, better photography and as much of my attention as I can give. By getting my head back in the game I know the growth of this blog will continue naturally and we'll carry on building those blogger-reader relationships I love so much.

Do you have a blog yourself, or just read them? What do you think of how far bloggers and YouTubers have come?

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  1. Love this. Such an inspirational post :) I like seeing bloggers or influencers succeed, but I know it isn't for me. I like my career and I like my blog being just a hobby!


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