Saturday, 9 July 2016

My summer skin essentials

I used to really hate summer. I struggled to find the right products and would go through May-August with the greasiest skin imaginable! That's all changed since I've gotten more into my skincare, and I've built up a repertoire of bits and bobs that mean my skin actually copes with heat and humidity quite well these days. 

While given the disappointing weather these last couple of weeks this post now feels somewhat ironic, my essential summer skincare will also come in handy on my holiday later this year! Here's the shortlist:

With my weird and wonderful struggle with eye allergies and sensitive skin, I'm conscious this year to protect my skin as much as I can with as gentle a sun tan lotion as possible. Many brands have a reputation for stinging the eyes and irritating sensitive skin, and some have also caused me breakouts in the past. Piz Buin's allergy range has a great reputation, and with broad spectrum coverage trumps many other sensitive sun-care products out on the market

To get that perfect tan - whether it's real or fake - smooth, exfoliated skin is a must. I also really love the Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory, but this stuff is perfect for packing in a suitcase and ensuring you're peel-free on holiday.

Can you tell I'm a Soap and Glory fan? I don't really do full on fake tan as it takes a bit of maintenance, but from time to time for parties, BBQs etc I feel like I need a bit more 'glow'. This tinted lotion applies so evenly and will last until you shower it off. The effect is bronzed, not orange, which is perfect for those with a fear of being tangoed!

I had sort of forgotten about body mists and spritzes since my early teens, but over in America Bath and Body Works have truly revived them. My parents bought be back a few beauty bits from their recent trip across the pond, and this was one of them. It's gorgeously fruity but not sickly sweet, and perfect if like me your perfume range is more Christmas party than summer evening.

Lush's toner waters are among my favourite of their entire range, and Breath of Fresh Air is no exception. Sea water, aloe vera, rose and patchuoli mean the formula is calming and refreshing. It's ideal used with cotton pads to remove excess make-up and soothe the skin, but can also be kept in the fridge and used as a mist on hot days.

What are your favourite summer products? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I love Soap & Glory - they can do no wrong for me at all! Their fake tan is my favourite, it's so subtle and pretty :-) I've never tried any Lush toner but it's definitely high on my to-buy list now!
    Teri-May xx


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