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My hand luggage essentials for a relaxing flight

It's been a while since I put together a proper travel post (unless you count my trip to the Isle of White!) but I'm gearing up for our summer holiday in September now and I know many of you will be jetting off in the next few weeks too! 

While I loving adventuring off somewhere new, I have a big fear of flying, so it makes so much difference to my experience if I'm organised and have everything in my hand luggage bag that I might need.

I haven't decided which bag to take yet - I might do a style post on that nearer the time - but I do have a little hand luggage packing list ready so that I don't forget anything. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I'm sure that you'll have your own essentials to add so do let me know once you've had a read!

The admin

It probably goes without saying but making sure you've got your passport, travel money, boarding passes, guidebooks and the likes ready before you go is a must. I tend to take a large-ish bag with me when I fly, so having a pouch, travel wallet or folder handy is a good idea. 

You can just whip that out at the check-in desk without having to rummage through everything else. I picked up a black pouch in Tiger last week, mainly because the slogan made me laugh, but also because it seems like a decent size for this kind of thing! 

I also always, always wear a watch when I fly to try and curb jet lag. It's something I picked up from my mum, who's a little bit obsessed with buying watches in duty free. I check the time difference and change it as we take off so that if there's a big shift (say when I went to Mexico for example and we lost 6 hours) you can try and trick your brain into adjusting and stop thinking about how long you've been awake for.

The entertainment

I was going to say long haul flights are the worst for getting bored, but actually short haul can be equally mind numbing as you don't usually get a seat-back TV full of blockbusters to amuse yourself with. 

I love a good book, but it can be hard to concentrate in turbulence and on night flights I always feel guilty turning the reading light on! I also like to download a few episodes of something onto my phone (PLL anyone?) and bring my trusty iPod Shuffle to preserve phone battery.

The beauty bits

I've finally gotten used to and can enjoy the advantages of going makeup-free when flying. It's not as if the paparazzi are going to snap me on my way out of LAX, and with oily skin my foundation tends to disintegrate over time anyway. If I'm feeling particularly rough I can always throw on a pair of sunnies.

These days I tend to pack a travel sized moisturiser, which I can then use as a hand cream too (you know how dry plane air is!). I also use a lot of lip balm to stop them getting chapped. Since I'm still using up stock from last year's beauty box addiction I've already pre-packed a sample of Delarom Crème Acquaconfort, which is so softening on my skin, and am also keeping the Arrow Colour Enhancing Lip Balm on hand as it's super conditioning.

Along with some deodorant to keep things fresh and my trusty 4head should the dreaded stress migraine strike, I also don't get on a plane without some hairbands or my Tangle Teezer - anyone else end up with crazy static hair mid flight? 

The comfy stuff

Who doesn't love a snooze to make travelling fly by? I do struggle to nod off but it's good to at least close my eyes and relax! I always take ear plugs with me because the whirring engines and crying kids drive me nuts, and an eye mask is perfect for an early morning take off, when the sun's coming up but you're not quite ready to greet it yet. Another cheeky Tiger steal at £4 was the flamingo neck pillow featured in my photos - no more aches and pains or trying to get comfy!

So, those are my hand luggage essentials. What are yours?


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  1. This is so helpful, I'm going to Australia in January and I am DREADING the long flight, I'm glad I have your tips to help me! I always take a moisturiser and some concealer just to cover up the huge luggage like bags under my eyes. Also I need to invest in this 4head spray!

    Shannice Alice x


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