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The nude lip edit

In case you couldn't tell from the title, this post is a bit of an ode to the humble nude lippy. In my teens I never bothered with lipstick at all, but over the last few years I've gotten into a habit of wearing it every day. While vampy reds aren't really for me when it comes to daytime wear I now have a decent collection of muted tones at my disposal, from warm browns to cool mauves. Here are my faves...

The 'Your lips, but better'

This phrase gets thrown around a lot, but I just love that slightly more 'done' look you can achieve by using a product that's only a shade away from your natural lip colour. 

My all time favourite for this is the NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Abu Dhabi - it's beautifully pigmented, matte without being drying and lasts until at least lunchtime before any kind of top-up is needed. It's the perfect low maintenance product. 

For a little more va-va-voom I love the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker glosses. They really plump your lips up, to the point that it actually tingles, and leave a subtle pink colour. Bonus: its also not too sticky.

The MAC ones

Although I have a few other MAC lipsticks these two are the ones I'd recommend investing in the most. Velvet Teddy is probably the most popular shade of recent years and I can totally see why. It's a matte finish and I'd describe it as a browny pink, that leaves lips looking full. 

Persistence is far more brown in kind of a 90s chic way. Again it's pretty matte and I feel like it would probably suit just about anyone.

The pinky purples

I don't always have much luck with pinker lipsticks, but there are two cool-toned products that I use very regularly. 

Last year while in Paris I discovered the wonder product that is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain. The shade 13 Marvelous Mauve is by far my favourite of these and I do find them much longer lasting than the NYX version. It's highly pigmented and withstands eating and drinking virtually all day. They can be drying so I do apply a lip balm half an our before I get ready.

A product I go back to time and time again - and a line that's always proven very popular in the beauty world - is Rimmel's Lasting Finish lipstick. The shade 08 is a gorgeous pinky hue with a semi-matte finish, but isn't too warm.

A shout out also needs to go to Rimmel's The Only One lippy, which although a newer product is also very wearable. The shade 700 Naughty Nude is about as pink as I ever go, with the formula also less matte than my other choices. It's a great one for summer as it's a little brighter than most nudes.

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