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I Got a Lash Lift for the First Time – Thoughts and Before and After Photos

If you know me IRL, then you probably know that I don't really wear eye makeup anymore. I used to love a thick cat eye, but a series of allergic reactions to mascaras have lead me go bare most of the time these days. I'd been thinking about getting an LVL Lash Lift for well over a year, but as my eyes are sensitive I put it off. 

My lovely friend Yasmin offers the treatment at her home salon, based in North Cambridge. She very kindly offered to let me try out the lash lift* free of charge so that I could see how I got on with it, and share it with you guys!

The treatment is normally £35 and can be repeated every 6 weeks should you wish - or you can simply have them now and again to treat yourself. Yasmin's lash lift products are completely vegan and cruelty-free, which is a huge bonus for me as I'm trying to make sure my beauty and skincare are as kind to my skin and the earth/its inhabitants as they can be.

How the Lash Lift Works

As my skin and eyes can be temperamental, I made sure I went for the patch test a couple of days before. A small blob of each part of the treatment (the dye and the keratin solution) are placed discreetly under a small plaster, and if 24 hours later you haven't experienced a reaction, you should be good to go.

The LVL Lash Lift treatment takes around an hour - 15 mins to prep you and gently apply guards to the eyelids, then three separate solutions to curl, colour and set the lashes in place. We used a medium roller to give a good amount of lift with a natural looking curl. My lashes are fairly long and dark when natural, but need a helping hand to stay curled!

Although it does feel bloody weird to have your eyelashes in a roller, it's not uncomfortable or irritating at all. In fact, after half an hour with my eyes closed, Yas is lucky I didn't fall asleep.

My Lash Lift Result

Top: Before
Bottom: After

I'm honestly so happy with the result. Thanks to the lash lift my eyes look more open and my makeup looks more put together even without any mascara or eyeshadow. The lashes are a little darker (great if you're blonde and have light lashes!) and perfectly curled.

No filter needed with these natural lashes!

Over the next 6 weeks, they will gradually go back to normal, so it's a very low maintenance treatment. Perfect for me as with sensitive eyes lash extensions aren't an option. I'll definitely be going back to Yasmin's Cambridge home salon for another treatment before my holiday later this year!

If you're in the Cambridge area I can't recommend this girl enough! She's a boss at what she does, whether you need LVL, extensions or a spray tan. Visit Yasmin's instagram here, and book yourself an appointment here.

*This post includes products or services that were provided at a discount or free of charge. That said, I will never promote something that I wouldn't love, use or purchase myself and all views are completely my own.

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