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Lockdown Thoughts

Things I miss, in no particular order...

Going to the cinema. The smell of overpriced popcorn lingering in the freezing cold air-con treated atmosphere. Buying pick 'n' mix and finishing it before the film's even started.

Going to a yoga class. In an actual studio, with actual people. Feeling the collective sigh of relief when it's time to flop into Savasana and let go, if only for a minute.

Being turfed out of the local Spoons at closing time and heading en masse to the kebab shop. Burning my mouth on sizzling hot spicy potatoes on the toddle home.

Hugging people. My parents, my sister, my gran, anyone. Not having to stop myself when I impulsively reach out to touch someone's arm.

Proper decaf in a proper mug in a proper coffee shop. With cake, obviously. Also, there are dogs there. And people from the village who always smile at Polly.

Sunday things. You know the ones. Plods around the garden centre for no reason in particular. The smell of your roast cooking while you wait at your table in the pub.

Driving, nowhere in particular, with the windows down and the music so loud the speakers crackle.

A pub quiz, but like, a real one. You know what I mean.

Taking Polly round to someone else's house and watching her bound around with joy at her new surroundings.

Being squashed in like sardines at a gig only for someone to light up a massive spliff right in front of you and obscure your view the whole time, but it's ok, because I love this song and I can feel the bass moving through my bones.

Excitedly writing something (anything) in my calendar.

People. Just people.

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