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'Retiring' the blog

It's been a while since I've written anything here, and a good few years since the blogging boom that led me to set up this little site. Blogging itself has changed massively, with only the biggest and most frequently updated sites managing to keep a generous readership. 

Social media has changed too, becoming a place for politics and activism (and memes, always memes). That's a good thing for many reasons, but it does mean that for hobby bloggers like myself it's harder to capture readers' attention, and the sense of community that once existed just isn't there any longer. 

I'm proud of having kept up a creative hobby for many years, but slowly other pursuits have taken up more of my time - reading more, being outdoors, learning to garden, buying and decorating a house. I thought I would miss spending multiple nights a week blogging and taking part in Twitter chats, but I've just found that following other whims and interests to be better for my own wellbeing. 

I'm still writing, but for personal interest - countless little poems in my iPhone notes, a monthly online writers group. That's plenty for me!

I may take my blog down, repurpose it, or even revive it, but for now I'll just leave this post here as a marker of an indefinite and likely permanent hiatus. There's nothing worse than stumbling upon a blog post and wanting a follow-up, only to find it was abandoned without explanation.

Thanks to everyone who's ever read, commented or shared!

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